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About Us Renaissance Coton de Tulear

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. Renaissance Coton de Tulear is located in a beautiful country-like setting in Orange, CT. My name is Lynn and I have been breeding Coton de Tulear dogs for over a decade. Once I discovered the Coton, I knew I wanted others to experience these clown-like little balls of fluff and that is what lead me to become a breeder. Before then, I worked in the medical field as and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) by night, and in Internal Medicine by day.

The babbling brook at Renaissance Coton de Tulear

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Our first Coton de Tulear, Jeter, came from France, and the moment we laid eyes on him, we knew that he would not be our last Coton.

Renaissance Coton de Tulear

It took some years to find dogs that were worthy of being the foundation dogs for Renaissance Coton de Tulear. Some of the dogs that were purchased as our foundation dogs didn't measure up so they were placed with wonderful families as pets.  It was very important to me that I not only breed the best examples of the breed, but most importantly that I breed Cotons that were healthy and that possessed the finest of temperaments.

Renaissance Coton de Tulear Family

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Cotons and Goldens

Growing up we always had dogs, and that is how I learned respect and unconditional love. Every child should have a dog. Once I was married to my husband Bob, and my first child Rob was old enough, we bought a Golden Retriever. In those days, the only place you could buy a purebred dog was in a pet store. So I thought, anyway. Ever since I was in my teens I had always wanted a Golden. I couldn't wait to bring my new puppy home. I had to wait a few weeks for her and it seemed like forever. From the very beginning my dream dog Jade was a biter. Not just puppy nipping, but vicious bites. I never got anywhere with the pet store, so I was stuck with a dog that had a very bad temperament. I had a professional trainer come and train her, but she still couldn't be trusted. She bit my son many times and when visitors came, she had to be put in the bedroom behind a locked door. What a huge disappointment. She lived until she was almost 14 years old. We were responsible for her and we weren't going to dump her in a shelter like a lot of people might have done in that kind of situation. Our 2nd Golden was the best. Jasmine would let my daughter Justine hold onto her as she learned to walk. If she thought Justine was going to fall, she would push her ever so gently against the wall to hold her up. When Jasmine went over the Rainbow bridge, I just couldn't stop crying. Two more Goldens, Jack and Jewel, also joined our family. Not too long afterwards, I discovered the Coton de Tulear and the rest is history.

Show Time! Renaissance Coton de Tulear

Once you own a Renaissance Coton de Tulear puppy, you become part of our extended family. I will always be available for your phone calls and/or emails. We invite you to take your time and look through our website. As you can probably see, I love to take pictures! Enjoy your stay.

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